How do authorizations work?

An authorization is basically a hold. You can think of it as a flexible deposit.

We can't charge you when you schedule the pickup because there is no way for us to know how much your charges are at that point, so we use authorizations.

Once we know your final charges, we capture payment from the authorization that was made.

For example, if you make an authorization for $15, and your total is $14, then you will only be charged $14. The original authorization amount will disappear after the authorization is made. You can check your banking statement and/or contact your bank if you need more assurance. 

There is no way for us to take multiple payments from one authorization. We never see, hold, or interact with any financial information. We let Paypal handle that, and they are arguably the safest payment processing platform in the world.

Rest assured, you will only be charged for the services that you use.