How Does the Extra Load Charge Work? (Bangkok and Beijing)

For orders in Bangkok and Beijing with the "Clothes already separated by bag" option selected.

If you select the "Clothes already separated by bag" option under the question that asks you how you want your clothes separated, additional charges may apply for excess bags.

By default, two loads are included for each order at no extra charge. The 3rd bag and up may be charged. This is because we have to use more washers, dryers, supplies, etc. for each extra bag.

For example, if someone sends in an order that weighs 10Kg, marks it as clothes already separated by bag, and splits it into 2 bags, there will be no additional charge.

If that same person split it into 5 bags though, there would be an additional charge for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th bag.

The additional charge for each extra load is equal to the price of 1Kg.